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Our methods employ effective and efficient study practices to create independent learners. How much time should your child spend on a subject? How should they prepare for an upcoming class test? Which topics does your child need to give more attention to? Through the Adaptive BSC Planner, we address these questions, and set your child on an efficient study path to achieve his or her learning goals.

Hybrid classroom
(Online + Offline)

We will use technology for better monitoring of attendence, recorded lectures after class, there will be option of live class in pandemic situation, online test, biometric and gps based attendence.


Every chapter begins with its Big Idea that summarizes what it’s all about and how it matters. "Why should I learn this?" "How does it matter?". These are two critical questions that most students have when asked to study something. BSC starts every chapter with a Big Idea, so children are able to grasp the big picture context of what they are about to learn.


BSC enables non-intrusive supervision of your child’s progress. While your child learns to be an independent learner, you can join their learning journey by tracking their progress and provide the support and encouragement they fully deserve. BSC also enables you to involve yourself in their BSCes by assigning tests, worksheets, quizzes and more.
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Top SSC Coaching in Patna. BSC Coaching is a virtual/Offline classroom designed specifically for education delivery. It reduces the workload of teachers, making the teaching impactful, enabling personalized attention, and enhancing learning outcomes.

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